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Plumbing and Heating

Reparing plumbing and heating can be very tricky like locating a leak and banging steam lines. The place where the problem presents itself can be a long way from the source. But not for Nophier Plumbing and Heating! We have the experience and know how the system works. We are plumbers and thats what we do best.

Permits Violation and Annual Inspections

We have New York's best expeditors on staff in order to obtain permits, conduct inspections, remove violations, and sign-off jobs.

It goes without saying, special care must be taken when working on gas lines. Filings and testing must be done by both the Department of Buildings and the Utility companies. Nophier Plumbing responds to gas problems immediately and works closely with the utility companies(such as Con Edison, National Grid, LIPA etc.) and the city to correct the problem quickly and efficiently. Nophier Plumbing has the experience, technology, manpower and tricks to the trade.